A movement for patients, relatives and carers. Harnessing the patient voice to build confidence in the use of patient data for research and analysis.

Patient Advocate case studies

Ann Muir: It may not help me, but may help others prevent their cancers in the future
Barrie Leyshon: Without data, I know that we'd still be living in the dark ages
Michael Maguire: There's a lot of misinformation out there
Helen Bulbeck: I think it's beholden to all of us to share our disease data
Victoria Nnatuanya: I am interested in people being able to benefit from the use of my data
Claire Wiseman: I think I've got a moral obligation
Andy Smith: I actually want my data to be used by more researchers
Shrenik Shah & Nilam Shah: Please use my data for gifting a better life to cancer patients
Su Jenkins: What consent means to me
Tom Haswell: Iím quite happy for my data to be used in any way they wish
Roger Wilson: Iím old enough to remember a data free time
Shrenik Shah: use MY data is the best option to gift to the new generation
John Reeve: all of the wonderful things that cancer patients are able to have now is the result of people in the past giving their data
Nicole Larkin: Iíve just recently had my five year check-up. It was really nice that they spent the time to go back to the data from day one Ė to show me how everything had progressed, what had changed, and where I had improved
Margaret Ticehurst: My experience of cancer was obviously made a lot better by the fact thousands and thousands of people have given willingly of their data so that all the research could be done
Margaret Johnson: Iím absolutely passionate that our information should be used
Margaret Grayson: Asking the right questions of the data available for me has meant finding the right surgery technique for my mastectomy...
John Marsh: Data is really important for improving cancer services
John Lancaster: The responsibility to make data available for the benefit of others
Ian Clements: I donít mind my data being shared
Hilary Stobart: The type of treatment that I had depended so much on the data of patients who went before me
Claire Wiseman: We are missing the best opportunity weíve had in this generation and the next to make a difference
Christine Allmark: Data is important to research
Richard Stephens: If that is legitimate, ethically approved medical research then I see absolutely no problem with that happening