A movement for cancer patients. Harnessing the patient voice to build confidence in the use of patient data for research and analysis.

Recent publications using patient data

There have been a number of publications over recent months, listed these below for your information, and for signposting others:

SACT 2014 completeness data briefing/short report and appendix (results by trust):

Completeness of the national Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy data set compared with the Cancer Waiting Times data set<http://www.ncin.org.uk/view?rid=3153>

Tables showing proportion of patients matched across CWT and SACT data sets by NHS England region and NHS hospital trust<http://www.ncin.org.uk/view?rid=3154>

Be Clear on Cancer prostate campaign (October/November 2014) interim evaluation report:

Be Clear on Cancer: Prostate cancer awareness local pilot campaign Interim evaluation results<http://www.ncin.org.uk/view?rid=3145>

Cancer Waiting Times trends (2009/10 to 2014/15) data briefing:

Trends in Cancer Waiting Times metrics, England, 2009/10 to 2014/15<http://www.ncin.org.uk/view?rid=3101>

Updated Cancer Outcomes Metrics - quarterly metrics by CCG, stage up to March 2014 and EP up to September 2015

Cancer Outcomes: Stage at Diagnosis and Emergency Presentations<http://www.ncin.org.uk/cancer_type_and_topic_specific_work/topic_specific_work/cancer_outcome_metrics>

My NHS (NHS Choices)

Performance of cancer diagnostic indicators in England<https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/performance/results?resultsViewId=1170>

Cancer stage indicator in the Public Health Outcomes Framework (updated for 2014, by Local Authority)

2.19 - Cancer diagnosed at early stage (experimental statistics)<http://www.phoutcomes.info/public-health-outcomes-framework#gid/1000042>

Routes to Diagnosis

Routes to Diagnosis - 38 tumour site-specific short reports examining the 2006 to 2013 results<http://www.ncin.org.uk/publications/routes_to_diagnosis>

Costs of cancer for colorectal, breast, prostate and lung:

Cost of care for cancer patients in England: evidence from population-based patient-level data<http://www.nature.com/bjc/journal/v114/n11/pdf/bjc201677a.pdf>

Updated Office for Data Release request form and associated guidance notes to prospective applicants

ODR Data Request Form (April 2016 v2.0)<http://www.ncin.org.uk/view?rid=2989>

Completing the Office for Data Release data request form, version 2, April 2016<http://www.ncin.org.uk/view?rid=2990>