GRAIL and the NHS Galleri Trial

use MY data and GRAIL working together to recruit use MY data Members to join a focus group to support the improvement of communications to the public about the NHS-Galleri Trial.

GRAIL approached use MY data, seeking help to find participants for a series of workshops wherein GRAIL could obtain input/insight from patient representatives on topics relating to the  Galleri Trial.  This then evolved into focussing on communications work.  
Workshops to take place up to 3 times annually, for 2 years (2022-2023), with around 8-12 patient representatives per workshop.  GRAIL is keen to have as consistent a membership as possible but appreciates that circumstances may change and that this may not always be possible. 

Information about the organisation 
“The NHS-Galleri  Trial is looking into the use of a new blood test to see if it can help the NHS to detect cancer early when used alongside existing cancer screening.”  A brief overview video, which gives useful background on the Trial’s aims and purpose is available here. 


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