Our mission

use MY data is a movement of patients, carers and relatives

use MY data supports and promotes the protection of individual choice, freedom and privacy in the sharing of healthcare data to improve patient treatments and outcomes.

use MY data endeavours to highlight the many benefits that appropriate usage of healthcare data can make, to save lives and improve care for all.

use MY data aims to educate and harness the patient voice to understand aspirations and concerns around the use of data in healthcare delivery, in service improvement and in research, aimed at improving patient decision making, treatment and experience.

Join us - there is strength in numbers!

The more Members and Associate members we have the stronger our voice becomes, in campaigning for patient data to be used to save lives and improve treatments. 


use MY data is free to join, is free to take part in and is free to leave...!
And there are many benefits... 


  • Being part of a community, which works to build confidence in the use of patient data to save lives and improve outcomes.
  • Receiving regular updates about patient data matters including: engagement opportunities, event information, patient data developments.
  • The opportunity for your voice to be heard directly on patient data consultations and matters.
  • Exclusive access to Members educational sessions on patient data topics, specifically run for our Membership on topics suggested by Members.
  • Priority access to use MY data’s public events.
  • Receiving personal guidance & support on patient data matters and queries.


To join please contact our Head of Programmes and Engagement, alison@usemydata.org.uk.  Alison will also gladly answer any queries you may have about joining, or requests for further information. 


We have two tiers of Membership and please specify which applies to you, when joining.


Patient advocates - patients, relatives or carers – who want patient data to be used to save lives and improve outcomes. use MY data’s Members lead the work programme and direction of use MY data, ensuring we are patient-led.


Associate Members

Professionals - clinicians, researchers, charity workers, academics, public, commercial sector workers - who are united by their support for use MY data’s work and Members.




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