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Online patient access to medical records will boost workload and litigation, GPs fear

8 Feb 2024

The Shropshire Star picked up a story from BMJ Open that GPs are sceptical about giving patients access to their medical records.

According to BMJ Open, “A significant proportion did agree that there would be benefits for patients. Among the 400 GPs who responded to the survey, 7 out of 10 (70%; 280) agreed that patients would better remember their care plan, while 6 out of 10 respondents believed that access would help patients feel more in control of their care (60%; 243).

But most (91%; 364) felt that patients would worry more as a result, or find their GP records more confusing than helpful (85%; 338). And 6 in 10 (60%; 240) believed that most patients would find significant errors in their records.”

A New National Purpose: Leading the Biotech Revolution

1 Feb 2024

Writing in The Times last week, Tony Blair and William Hague called on the NHS to create a public private partnership in the form of an NHS Data Trust. Their article promoted the ideas set out in a new report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

The wide ranging report calls for a new approach to using healthcare data to support medical breakthroughs, harnessing the masses of anonymised patient data held by the NHS, including:

An NHS Data Trust

“A new NHS Data Trust (NHSDT) to capitalise on the opportunities of health data. Owned and controlled by the NHS in collaboration with trusted external partners, the NHSDT would treat NHS data as a competitive asset whose value can be realised for the benefit of the public. This would involve providing anonymised data to research entities, including biotech companies, in return for financial profit that would then benefit our health service. A transparent governance model would ensure that our data remain safe and that NHSDT’s operations align with public-health objectives, not private capital’s.”

Access to health records

“The public’s lack of access to health records is another foundational aspect of its trust deficit. People currently have limited access to, and authority over, their own health data. As the UK moves towards a more secure and improved data-access model for researchers and health-care providers, it should also transition to a progressive model in which individuals, rather than playing a passive role, are empowered with direct access to their data and ownership over it.

On this particular topic the report aligns with use MY data’s Position Statements on access to our health records:

CALL TO ACTION - My access to my health records

Realising the benefits of a truly National Health Record


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